holiday cards?

i've done this for one or two close friends before, but never opened it up to everyone before, but i feel like i've gotten close to a lot of people online this year (also i have money lol), so~

if you'd like a card, comment with your name and address, and you know whatever goes on an envelope. anon commenting is enabled for anyone who doesn't have a livejournal account. just let me know who you are in your comment. :3

and if you don't celebrate christmas or if you just don't want something christmas-y, then i will...hell, i'll send you a handwritten drabble. just leave me a pairing and a prompt along with your comment ^.^

(i know this is a happy birthday gif okay shut up)

so, yeah, do it! comments are screened. :3

sorry! no more money T______T

155 icons

[20] IU
[12] Kato Shigeaki
[22] Naka Riisa
[13] Nishikido Ryo
[16] Ohkura Tadayoshi
[21] Perfume
[45] TegoMasu
[6] Miscellaneous {Becky, Yamashita Tomohisa}

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i went a little crazy making icons these past couple of days and i felt like sharing. nothing special, just experimenting with cropping and coloring.

[36] Kanjani8
[34] KAT-TUN
[16] NEWS
[15] 4minute
[9] Yamamura Ryuta
[9] Miscellaneous {Ohno, Nichkhun, Jaejoong, Yunho}

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