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so. i saw big bang on friday. heh.

i'll start off talking about my trip up to arashijun's house. ^.^

i left atlanta on wednesday right after i took a test in astronomy. i hadn't been to my astronomy class since my last astronomy test which was a month ago, but i think i did fairly decently. anyway, i speed-walked to the greyhound station and arrived there just as they were lining up to board the bus. from there, it was a boring hour-long wait since the bus driver got lost trying to get to the station. -______- but it was okay since i made friends with this lady and her two-year-old son. she had to borrow my phone a few times to arrange a ride up in new york, since she had just left her abusive fiancee. i really wanted to hug her. >.<

so, yeah, the ride up to philadelphia took twenty hours. i got there at 12pm on thursday and took a train up to sammy and nikki! \o/ we spent the day...sitting around, then going to the mall, then sitting around again, then painting our nails.

on friday, we woke up, got ready for the concert, then left for new jersey! it took about...two hours to get there, i think? we ate dinner at mcdonalds, then headed over to the prudential center. we waited outside for only a little while before they let us in at around 5:30. we walked around until they let us into our sections aaaaaand...the show is pretty much a blur. i can't even believe it happened. we made a jumbled up voice post here talking about it, and that's the closest to a con report you'll get, lol. of course, if you've got questions about the show, i'll try to answer them. xP

you can look at my crappy pictures here. and i also took some fancams, which were also crappy, but the audio is fairly decent! well, they sounded better before i uploaded them onto youtube...

i also got bad boy and haru haru but there was too much of my shitty singing ruining those, so i didn't upload them, lol.

we had to leave the concert during the encore, so that we could catch the train otherwise we would've missed the one back to sammy's place. we had to RUN to the other platform to catch the last train of the night, which had just pulled up. got back to the house around 1am, and just...sat around and didn't move until 4am, lol.

and then saturday i left to go home. my bus left at 8:30pm, and i sat next to a really good looking guy when i switched buses in richmond. also met some girls from atlanta who had also gone to the big bang show. we arrived in atlanta at 3pm, and now here i am at home. waiting to go back to school. i don't want to go back to school. T_________T

i think i took two major things away from this trip. big bang is wonderful, and i hate greyhound.

i hate greyhound.

NEVER AGAIN, GREYHOUND. NEVER AGAIN. they keep making stops every few hours and you can hardly get any sleep. T______T another lady on the way back to atlanta recommended megabus to me, which i think i'll try if i ever want to take a bus back up there. (smtown? maybe? after exo releases something more, ahem... >.>)

so. i had a fun time. heh.

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